art of manuel samaniego


chicano art for chicanos


the rising of cara




trumpty dumbty sat on a wall

tumpty dumbty had a great fall

all the crooked senators and faux news

couldn't put dumbty together again


from the fabulas de samaniego




legend has it that grandfather vato loco planted

the first pachuco on 2-2-1848,

using earth, grass, spit and just a touch

of pomade


from the fabulas de samaniego




somewhere between the crown

and the desert


two girls


at the border





katie samaniego

She looked down at me with eyes blazing and said, "she thinks

i'm mexican but i'm not, i'm indian and i'll cut her eyes out if she

touches your brother". The neighbor had told her she would

spank my brother after he had got in a fight with her son

 and called him a dirty mexican. She had told me something

that day that took me years to realize.


group a


we joined together from all over the southern california

area, centered in pomona and called ourselves the ivl's.



dA center


dropping off 40 pieces for pomona ca. showing in public schools and dA Center for the Arts show



other works



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